"A woman stands at the edge of a cliff, looking out to the horizon. A church bell. Footsteps."

Justin Hopper

The Old Weird Albion moves across the Sussex and Hampshire Downs, interrogating the high, haunted landscape of the English South


"These poems flow and sing through salt and sweet water ... Swims is a wondrous, perfect thing"

Philip Hoare

Plunge into mountain lakes and drift along meandering rivers in Swims, the debut poetry collection by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett


"This is fine, achieved work, close-woven, elusive, engaged"

Iain Sinclair on In the Catacombs

Step through the iron gates of London's most spectacular Victorian cemetery on the hunt for the lost poets of Nunhead in Cenotaph South


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The Old Weird Albion

Justin Hopper


Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

At Hajj

Amaan Hyder

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Fair Field

Enter the psychedelic dreamscape of Piers Plowman to explore a world of inequality, political corruption and spiritual crisis uncannily like our own. Fair Field (summer 2017) re-imagined the medieval ‘poem of crisis’ Piers Plowman for the twenty-first century through site-responsive performances in London, Ledbury and the Malvern Hills, an exhibition at the National Poetry Library, educational workshops, a [...]

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