"Raymond Antrobus is as searching a poet as you're likely to find writing today."

Kaveh Akbar

The Perseverance is the remarkable debut book by British-Jamaican poet Raymond Antrobus.


"The Girl Who Forgets How to Walk captures the precariousness and fragility of life"

Luke Kennard

Kate Davis writes magical realist poems born of the hills, marshes and coastal edgelands of south Cumbria.


"Enjoying immensely ... Perceptive and beautifully written"

Lyn Gardner

From Cornwall to Mull, Amber Massie-Blomfield takes the road less travelled to discover Britain’s most astonishing theatres.


New titles

The Perseverance

Raymond Antrobus

Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die

Amber Massie-Blomfield

An Ocean of Static

J.R. Carpenter

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Imaginary Advice Live

Launched in November 2014 as a way to explore new forms of storytelling, the Imaginary Advice podcast has recorded love monologues in the middle of drum and bass raves, made cut-up poetry out of the Today Programme, and cross-bred Jay-Z’s Black Album with the Tate Modern’s audioguide. “A true adventurer in form” The Stage Written […]

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