Hyakuretsu Kyaku

Ross Sutherland

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The mercurial Ross Sutherland’s new sonnet sequence Hyakuretsu Kyaku playfully recasts the characters from cult video game Street Fighter 2 as “twelve heroes that span the breadth of the human condition.”

From Zangief, a Russian wrestler fighting for a crumbling republic; to Chun Li, an Interpol agent determined to avenge her father’s murder; to Dhalsim, the yogic soothsayer who has channeled his spiritual enlightenment into the power of being really bendy.

Combining the mythic with the mundane, this is poetry for anyone who’s ever screamed “Hadouken” or tried out the Hundred Hand Slap on their little brother.

Launched as a free digital download to coincide with National Poetry Day 2011, Hyakuretsu Kyaku is accompanied by specially commissioned artwork from leading designers and illustrators.


Sonia Leong
Mikkel Sommer
Gareth Barnett
Chris Getliffe
Line & a Dot
Inua Ellams
Laura Dockrill
Erin Petson
James McGregor
Nick Holloway
Phillip Oldham
Alex Woodhead

Hyakuretsu Kyaku

Cover design by James McGregor

ISBN n/a
Published 6 October 2011
Pages 21

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sparky, surprising, joyous poetry

Roddy Lumsden

About the author

Ross Sutherland

Ross Sutherland was born in Edinburgh in 1979. A former lecturer in electronic literature at Liverpool John Moore’s University, Ross works as a freelance journalist and tutor in creative writing. He is a member of live literature collective Aisle 16. His first collection, Things To Do Before You Leave Town, was published in 2009, followed by the limited edition mini-book Twelve Nudes in 2010.