Tim Cresswell

"A spectral volume, born of a fence that separates nowhere from the now and here, deep in the high Arctic"

Robert Macfarlane

Fence is an epic of fragments that is at once beautiful and beautifully strange.

In his exploration of the vast, frozen Svalbard islands, poet and geographer Tim Cresswell has created a kind of exploratory poetry whose taut, minimalist lyric synthesises subjects as diverse as history, politics and Arctic ecology. Echoing the mournful atmospherics of the great Anglo-Saxon elegies, this book-length poem is a powerful meditation on places that are slipping away, where ‘compass gone haywire / so north’.

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72 pages
ISBN 9781908058317
Published 5 October 2015
Cover design: Ben Anslow


Experimental yet elemental poems.
Poetry Book Society Bulletin

Tim Cresswell creates a conceptual wilderness of words, held at the outer edge of experience, where natural and human history meet.
Philip Hoare

Postmodernist, postcolonial, poststructuralist, post-human, take your pick - there's no turning back.
Srikanth Reddy

Fence is a strange and spectral volume, zigzag and jigsaw in its textures, strabismic in the sense of eerie slant that it gives to both landscape and language, born as it is of a fence that separates nowhere from the now and here, deep in the high Arctic. Moving through its poems, one experiences something of the doubling dissimulation of northen light: a fierce clarity of vision, combined with an awareness of things being uncannily off-scale and out of kilter.
Robert Macfarlane

About the author

Tim Cresswell was born in Cambridge in 1965 but didn't stay there long. Since then he has travelled, first as part of an Air Force family and then as a student and academic. As a geographer he is the author of five books on place, mobility and other key ideas in geographic thought. From 2006 to 2013 he was Professor of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he also completed a PhD in Creative Writing. Tim lives with his wife and three children in Boston where he is Professor of History and International Affairs at Northeastern University. His first collection, Soil, was published in 2013.

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