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Melissa Lee-Houghton’s Sunshine shortlisted for the Costa Prize

Ten Best Penned in the Margins Covers

Penned in the Margins director Tom Chivers nominates his top ten best book covers from the past ten years of publishing: from bold conceptual designs to complex layered artworks.

Cain victorious at British Book Design & Production Awards

Poet Luke Kennard’s phenomenal collection Cain has been announced as the winner of a British Book Design and Production Award. The award was presented last night at a lavish ceremony last night at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. A finalist in the Literary category, Cain was up against two stunning books from […]

Penned in the Margins to develop major new medieval-inspired project

Live literature producer Penned in the Margins has been awarded two grants to develop Fair Field – a project inspired by the medieval epic poem Piers Plowman.

Hannah Silva wants YOUR old copy of Fifty Shades

Do you have a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey gathering dust at the back of your bookshelf? Don’t be embarassed: because now you can turn your literary guilty pleasure into cutting-edge theatre. Poet and playwright Hannah Silva is performing her one-woman show Schlock! in London from 8 to 26 November, and needs as many […]

Celebrate National Poetry Day 2016

Schlock! by Hannah Silva set for a three-week London run

In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah Silva has ripped up her copy of Fifty Shades. Now, surrounded by the crumpled pages, she attempts to put the female body back together again.

Cain shortlisted for British Book Design and Production Award


Announcing our 2016 Programme

Better late than never, we’re proud to launch another packed programme of events and books, with cover artwork from the wonderful Leah Fusco.

Dos and Don’ts of Submitting Your Manuscript

Around 20% of books published by Penned in the Margins originated from unsolicited submissions. It’s an important source of new authors for us. Although it’s a struggle to keep up with the workload (we receive about 30 proposals a week), I’m happy to say we read and respond to every one individually. Our submissions window […]

‘Techno-spiritualist’ music and the ‘Google-age Kafka’ head up the EVP Sessions, announced today

Aisha Devi


Naomi Booth and Luke Wright victorious in the Saboteur Awards

On Friday 27 May the great and good of the indie literary scene piled into Vout-O-Reenees club in central London for the annual Saboteur Awards. We’re delighted to announce that two Penned in the Margins authors were victorious in the Saboteurs, which, unusually, are awarded by public vote. York-based novelist and academic Naomi Booth won […]

On Anagrams – Luke Kennard exposes the building blocks behind 31 biblical poems

I’m fairly useless at cryptic crosswords. I tried to learn once, but solving half a puzzle tended to take an entire Sunday. My uncle (to whom the book is dedicated) could solve them while driving a car, his passengers taking turns to read the clues out loud, the grid existing solely in his head. My […]

“Applied translation of the self as the self translates its self on its own accord” – Antosh Wojcik explores the language of Dementia

When you lose someone, there are continual moments when you are huddled in their left behinds; their clothes, their furniture, their lovers. It’s weird seeing Granddad without Nanny. It’s weird seeing Babcia, Polish for grandma, without Dziadek, Polish for grandad. I guess you never really see someone without the other someone. You always saw them […]

“Crafting language always involves crafting spaces” – John McCullough dissects his new collection Spacecraft

Spacecraft came about when I realized I’d written quite a number of poems exploring ideas of emptiness and absence. Partly these arose through the loss of several people close to me, but some arrived also from an interest in Zen Buddhism and I’ve long been inspired by writers like D.A. Powell and Lee Harwood who […]

Claire Trévien on why inspiration needs a warmer filter

A dreaded question that many poets will be confronted with is ‘how do you find your inspiration?’ You want to answer something glamorous like ‘on the edge of a cliff’ or ‘the top of a mast’ – but the truth is your fingers quickly get frozen or you’re too busy avoiding the dive of a […]

“Why was there this fence, a symbol of territory and separation, in this unlikely place?” – Tim Cresswell on Svalbard and poetry

I never expected to write poems based on my visit to Svalbard in 2011. I was lucky enough to be invited on board the boat, the Noorderlicht, along with the artist Alex Hartley and a motley crew of writers, thinkers and creators as part of his nowhereisland project. He had been funded by the Arts […]

Claire Trévien maps the edges where landscape, memory and digital interweave

Machrie Moor Standing Stones, Photo by Visit Scotland

Astéronyme, n. (French). A sequence of asterisks used to hide a name of password. With her debut collection longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award and a national theatre tour under her belt before the age of 30, Claire Trévien is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of British poetry. Playful, beautifully curious and linguistically […]

Announcing our 2016 publishing list

Here we are at the start of another year at Penned in the Margins. 2016 will feature new books from some of our best-known writers, a non-fiction first on landscape & Englishness, a literary criticism sequel and an experimental poetry debut. So, without further ado, here is the low-down on those books coming out of PITM towers in the next 12 months!