At Hajj

Amaan Hyder


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At Hajj is a book of yearning and of pulling away, of things handed down and newly made.

Its central sequence plunges the reader into the heat and dust of the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. For Amaan Hyder, the religious experience is a human one. These extraordinary, vivid prose poems capture the dreamlike journeys of unnamed pilgrims – from a woman lost in the crowd to an old man seeking refuge in the desert.

Moving across forms and continents, At Hajj grapples with the weight of tradition. What must we inherit and what do we reject? Can a figure stand in two places at once? In poems of intense memory, Hyder charts a search for belonging through the everyday pleasures of food, family and friendship. A dragonfly. A midnight feast. An ill-fitting coat. Composed in a disarming lyric that almost seems to fragment at the touch, At Hajj introduces a distinctive, compassionate new voice in British poetry.


Praise for At Hajj

Some poetry has a sophisticated urgency that it comes across like news; news of the real excited world and news of how we arrange the past into a shaping future. I love Amaan Hyder’s debut collection for its insights into East-West lives, into how families deal with their heritage, how violence is a militating force and how poetry is its own sweet fruit of peace. Hyder’s poetry is fleet of foot, restless in its inquiry through form and memorable for its subtle music.

Daljit Nagra

At Hajj

Cover design by George Simkin

ISBN 9781908058447
Published 1 June 2017
Pages 66
RRP £9.99

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Memorable for its subtle music

Daljit Nagra

About the author

Amaan Hyder

Amaan Hyder was born in 1982. He is a graduate in English of University College London, and of the Creative Writing MA at the University of East Anglia. His poetry has appeared in various journals, including Poetry Review, POEM and Blackbox Manifold. At Hajj is his first collection.