How to Keep Time: A Drum Solo for Dementia

What happens when memories disappear?

Where do they go, and can we get them back?


Using just his voice and a Roland TD-4KP electric drumkit, Antosh Wojcik explores the effects of dementia on speech, memory and family through the moving story of his Polish grandfather. Poems become beats become glitches in a mesmeric display of live drumming and spoken word.




“Original, tender, funny and moving … one of my Fringe picks”

“A touching and multi-layered solo performance that asks us to consider the nature of memory, communication and loss … a show that stays with you”

“The drums serve as knocks, as heartbeats, and as emotional pleas … It brought me to tears so many times”

“An original, thought-provoking piece which will leave you stunned and in awe at the skill displayed”

“An extraordinary and powerful exploration of what language might be when there are no longer any words … this stunning debut piece needs to be experienced”


Selected audience Tweets


“Indescribably brilliant” @CynthiaWaMiller

“Suggestive, expansive gift of a show” @GiacBelloli

“Loved this show, totally unique and powerful. The type of show fringe is all about, and will lodge itself permanently in a corner of your brain.” @andrewleeke

“This debut show literally blew me away, moved me to tears, and made me laugh n snort n giggle the whole way through. Poignant. Beautiful. A masterpiece.” @FiammaBennett

“@antoshwojcik I just saw your show this morning and I wanted to thank you. Both my grandmothers were afflicted with memory loss, one with dementia and the other with Alzheimer’s. Your piece beautifully articulated so many of the feelings I find hardest to express. Thank you.” @cnidarling

“One of the best shows I’ve ever seen at #edfringe. You must go. A staggering piece. So ambitious, so cleverly achieved. Such grace. Go, go, go. @antoshwojcik is as phenomenal an actor as he is a writer. I still feel that show in my chest.” @PoetWalker





About Antosh Wojcik

Antosh Wojcik is a poet, performer, writer, facilitator. He is a Resident Artist at The Roundhouse and is a member of London-based poetry collectives, Kid Glove and Burn After Reading. He was joint champion of the Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2013. He has performed at many events around the UK, including TEDx East End 2015 and festivals such as Glastonbury, Latitude and Bestival, as well as internationally at Sofia Poetics 2015. He was part of The Last Poets' Speak Up Newcomer Tour 2015, in which he was commissioned with three other poets to write and perform a collaborative piece responding to 'This Is Madness.' He leads writing workshops in schools and other contexts for all ages.

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Tour dates

10 March 2019 StAnza Festival, St Andrews

Previous performances

3 November 2018 Nuffield Theatre, Southampton
1-26 August 2018 Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
27 July 2018 Camden People's Theatre (Preview)
29 May 2016 Roundhouse (Work in Progress)
29 November 2016 Camden People's Theatre (Work in Progress)

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