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Heavy Time

Sonia Overall

Of Sea

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Notes on the Sonnets

Luke Kennard

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"Each book that comes out of the Penned in the Margins stable is perfectly packaged, super high quality and guaranteed to make readers think a little differently"

Reader, Saboteur Awards

"This is an incredibly moving, essential meditation"

Kerri Ní Dochartaigh

Stranger in the Mask of a Deer conjures an elemental, dreamlike narrative ranging from the present to the Late-Upper Palaeolithic, when the British peninsula was gradually reoccupied by humans and animals returning from the greater continent after the Ice Age.


"Inspiring, grounded, magical ... a talisman of a book"

Helen Mort

In Heavy Time psychogeographer Sonia Overall takes to the old pilgrim roads, navigating a route from Canterbury to Walsingham via London and her home town of Ely.


"Innovative, dazzling, affecting poems that shimmer with intellectual acuity and emotional resonance."

Rebecca Tamás

A remarkable new book in praise of marine fauna, Of Sea takes the form of a poetic bestiary of creatures living beneath, beside and above the water: in wetlands, salt marshes and the intertidal zone.


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The Book of Naseeb

Khaled Nurul Hakim

Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die

Amber Massie-Blomfield

The East Edge

Chris McCabe

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