Found in Translation

A small group of leading French poets and mathematicians, the OULIPO flood their work with rules and restrictions as a way of breaking into their subconscious minds. Adapting a famous OULIPO constraint, Joe Dunthorne, Tim Clare and Ross Sutherland took up the challenge of the Univocalism – a poem using only one type of vowel. Discipline soon gave way to obsession, and as the rules began to take hold the boys started to find hidden messages in the strangest of places.

Covering everything from Biblical mistranslation to school bullies and former WWE wrestler Mr Perfect, Found in Translation is a quest of arbitrary limits and new frontiers, written in the tradition of Luke Rhineheart’s The Dice Man and Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure: one part literary lecture, one part multimedia performance, and with a hefty dose of cutting-edge satire.


A recipe for madness

Pure, unadulterated, genius
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Tour dates

5 October 2009 ~ LONDON Free Word Centre
18 December 2009 ~ NOTTINGHAM Sideshow
2 February 2010 ~ OXFORD North Wall
11 February 2010 ~ STOCKTON Arc
16 February 2010 ~ LONDON Vibe Live w/ Tim Key
25 February 2010 ~ MAIDENHEAD Norden Farm
24 September 2010 ~ LONDON Albany Theatre

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