Thursday 23 February, 7.30pm

Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street London E1 6AB

£5 – Book online

Sam Riviere’s online collection of poems and promotional material 81 Austerities is a passive/aggressive response to the ‘austerity measures’ implemented by the coalition government in the wake of the financial crisis. Ranging in theme from pornography to death and longing, the project aims to apply such ‘cuts’ preemptively to poetry itself, experiencing this deprivation primarily on the levels of sentiment, structure, and subject matter.

Riviere (Faber New Poets) presents 81 Austerities in conjunction with readings from other poets, and discussion on poetry’s relationship to money, politics and advertising.

Read 81 Austerities by Sam Riviere online

“austerity figures as a revocation of generosity, a violence done to form, a grain to the surface of language”
New Statesman

“A brilliantly modern vision of boredom and deprivation”
Dazed & Confused



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