Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Pheneomena is an experimental literature and new media project for 2013, exploring contemporary approaches to sound, voice, technology and writing, brought to you by Mercy and Penned in the Margins.

The EVP programme takes its inspiration from Konstantin Raudive’s notorious ‘Breakthrough’ experiments of the 1970s, where he divined voices-from-beyond in electronic noise. Themes of otherness, the profane and divine join with new approaches to writing and performing on the EVP website built around our platform of new commissioned works by the likes of Ross Sutherland and Hannah Silva.




Produced by Penned in the Margins and Mercy. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Reviews and reaction

The experimentation in this show is amazing to watch, and the way it deals with such a difficult subject in a head on way is commendable. The show makes the audience feel in a way that most theatre doesn’t. It accesses a fundamental, animalistic emotional response to the material that is hard to explain. And this kind of experiential theatre is incredibly rare. If Electronic Voice Phenomena comes to a theatre near you on its tour, don’t miss it.
Ed Theakston, A Younger Theatre

Tour dates

10 May 2013 ~ The Sage, Gateshead
15 May 2013 ~ St George's Hall, Liverpool
17 May 2013 ~ The Basement Brighton
18 May 2013 ~ Rich Mix, London
19 May 2013 ~ The Cube, Bristol
22 May 2013 ~ Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester
23 May 2013 ~ ARC Stockton
25 May 2013 ~ Norfolk & Norwich Festival
27 September 2013 ~ Bournemouth by the Sea Festival

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