The Shroud

The Shroud is a two-man, miniature epic about loss, time and the things that connect us. A father writes letters to his homesick son. A Kolkata potter shapes clay goddesses from the silt of the Ganges. A young man circles the funeral pyre.

Drawing on Hindu myth, memories and personal letters, The Shroud is composed as a series of interweaving dialogues between the poets and theatre-makers Siddhartha Bose and Avaes Mohammad. The ancient and the modern combine to create an inventive, quietly beautiful meditation on death, ritual, fathers and sons.



Writer: Siddhartha Bose

Performers: Siddhartha Bose, Avaes Mohammad

Director: Russell Bender

Devised by Bose, Bender & Mohammad

Scenographer: Rajha Shakiry

Sound design: Ed Lewis

Lighting design: Charlie Lucas

Featuring music by Susheela Raman

Producer: Tom Chivers

Thanks to Rich Mix, The Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival, Arts Admin. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Reviews & reaction

A powerful, accomplished and thought-provoking piece
A Younger Theatre

An epic about how our bodies sometimes remember better than we do especially in times of loss and especially in a world that refuses to give us time to think
Ian McMillan, BBC Radio 3

A beautiful and moving personal tale told through letters and dreams
Hannah Silva

I alight at Shoreditch where I travel to India to witness a father and son lose themselves until the ultimate loss separates them. I cry, I laugh, I cry again.
Audience member, London

With such simplicity and clarity you bared your soul for all to see and ... you made it look effortless and really touched everyone's heart ... absolutely brilliant
Audience member, London

Siddhartha Bose and Russell Bender talk about The Shroud for BBC Radio 3

Interview with Siddhartha Bose in Exeunt Magazine

Preview dates

9-11 May 2014 ~ Rich Mix, London
17 May 2014 ~ Norwich Arts Centre
13 September 2014 ~ Caedmon Hall, Gateshead

Open discussions: 'Talking about Death'
27 February 2014 ~ Toynbee Studios
17 April 2014 ~ Toynbee Studios

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