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The Book of Naseeb

Khaled Nurul Hakim

"A completely absorbing, singular book. An angel’s-eye view of human striving."

yasmine seale
published in limited edition hardback

The Book of Naseeb tells the story of an idealistic heroin dealer who dreams of fitting the victims of war in Afghanistan with artificial limbs.

In this breathtaking first novel, Khaled Nurul Hakim chronicles the hero’s struggle for redemption through the backstreets and motorway service stations of modern Britain to the desert and mountains of a fictional borderland. Written in an exhilarating, incantatory blend of street argot and Quranic-inspired language, The Book of Naseeb charts an epic journey like no other.


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Please note: due to the recent change in tax regulations, we are currently unable to ship to EU countries.
328 pages
ISBN 9781908058744
Published 18 May 2020
Cover design: Zigmunds Lapsa


A profound contemplation of human struggle ... remarkably impressive.
Daniel Baksi, The Independent / The Arts Desk

A completely absorbing, singular book. Night journey, border odyssey, angel’s-eye view of human striving.
Yasmine Seale

Mystical and illuminating.
Tony White

What a book - visionary, terrifying, remarkable use of language. London, Birmingham, Afghan borderland. Khaled Nurul Hakim is a writer you won't forget.
Tom Bolton

A true masterpiece ... an intricate exploration of sin, penance, and redemption.
Chris Cusack, Indie Recs

[Hakim] takes the small, the mundane, the petty, and sets it against a staggering backdrop. The Book of Naseeb is compulsive reading.
Joe Darlington, Manchester Review of Books

This is not merely the sacred slapped into electrified form by some cuss words. This is a piece of literature and its threads vanish into the hardback spine and back through to antiquity via modernism ... [Hakim] knows how to make a whole lineage of myth come alive with a single sign.
Steve Hanson, Manchester Review of Books

About the author

Khaled Nurul Hakim was born in Birmingham and has a background in film and poetry, publishing sparingly in the 1990s. He was visiting tutor in MA Screenwriting at the London College of Printing till 2004. The Book of Naseeb originally began as a 2005 screenplay for a low-budget feature film to be called Barzakh. Scheduled to be shot in Uzbekistan, the project was aborted when civil unrest broke out. Khaled took a decade-long break from writing to pursue a spiritual path, becoming a Sufi student and Sufi musician. He returned to rework the text as ‘a degraded epic’ while also looking after a growing family, a task that would take more than seven years.

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