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The Bells of Hope

Roddy Lumsden

"A breathtaking account of a dark night ... More heady than ever"

Kathleen Ossip
published in a hardback limited edition of 200

The Bells of Hope is a series of 51 poems, all of them in a short form developed by the author, in which metaphor and truth swirl in one short and three long lines.

Lyrical and curious, these poems, though stand-alone, collectively chart a time of change in the poet’s life, delighting in unusual words and tumbling images, in poems whose titles run from A to Z and back to A.

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RRP £9.95
64 pages
ISBN 9781908058041
Published 20 April 2012
Cover design: PITM


Each [poem] has the feel of something completely compressed, like a car crushed into a cube, except that somehow all the individual components have survived and are interlocking perfectly. Strange little machines, then, but working to somewhat secretive ends.
Jon Stone, Dr Fulminare

The Bells of Hope inches more toward revelation than concealment and his language is more heady than ever. It is a breathtaking account of a dark night.
Kathleen Ossip, Attention Span

About the author

Roddy Lumsden (1966-2020) published numerous collections of poetry including Mischief Night: New & Selected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2004) and Terrific Melancholy (Bloodaxe, 2011). Originally from Fife, he lived in London for many years and also worked as a puzzle, quiz and popular reference writer.

Author photo © Bloodaxe Books

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