Fair Field

Enter the psychedelic dreamscape of Piers Plowman to explore a world of inequality, political corruption and spiritual crisis uncannily like our own.
Fair Field (summer 2017) re-imagined the medieval ‘poem of crisis’ Piers Plowman for the twenty-first century through site-responsive performances in London, Ledbury and the Malvern Hills, an exhibition at the National Poetry Library, educational workshops, a series of podcasts with The Guardian and more.
Visit the project website at thisfairfield.com


It is a rare thing to have podcasts, articles, interviews, newly commissioned poetry and artwork, Twitter feeds, site-specific performances and exhibitions all dedicated to one medieval poem. [...] The works commissioned by Penned in the Margins use this medieval masterpiece to shed light on our modern-day preoccupations: zero-hour contracts, benefits, climate change, corrupt leaders, and the search for truth in the face of information overload.
Hetta Howes, The Times Literary Supplement

Performance dates

30 June & 1 July 2017 ~ Ledbury Poetry Festival

7 & 8 July 2017 ~ Shoreditch Town Hall

11 May - 9 July 2017 ~ National Poetry Library

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