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Stress Fractures: Essays on Poetry

Tom Chivers (editor)

"An exciting introduction to new directions in poetry"

David Kennedy, Times Higher Education

Where can the poem go in the age of the supercomputer? Why is poetry taught so badly at school? What do Wordsworth, Byron and Roots Manuva have in common?

Would Emily Dickinson have preferred Facebook or Twitter? Does the future look… Oulipian? Is slam poetry any good, and what is “post-avant” anyway? These are just some of the questions posed in Stress Fractures, a new and wide-ranging collection of essays on the future of poetry.



Introduction Tom Chivers
The Architecture of Fictional Rooms Luke Kennard
Post-Avant: A Meta-Narrative Adam Fieled
Emily Dickinson, Vampipire Slayer Sophie Mayer
Hejiniaian’s Faustienne Beings-with Emily Critchley
These Terabytes I Have Tried to Shore Agaiainst Our Ruins Theodoros Chiotis
Every Rendition on a Broken Machine Ross Sutherland
Hidden Form: The Prose Poem in English Poetry David Caddy
Arranging Excursions to Disparate Worlds Simon Turner
Slam: A Poetic Dialogue Tim Clare
Roots Manuva’s Romantic Soul David Barnes
Composing Speech Hannah Silva
Radio And… James Wilkes
Enjoying and Examining Poetry Alex Runchman
The Line Katy Evans-Bush

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Please note: due to the recent change in tax regulations, we are currently unable to ship to EU countries.
224 pages
ISBN 9780956546715
Published 1 October 2010
Cover design: Henry Simmonds


Stress Fractures is a genuine attempt to reach out to a different kind of readership for writing about poetry. Fourteen essays range across conventional criticism; poetics; explorations of links between poetry and popular culture; and accounts of various compositional and performance practices and strategies. [...] It's a long time since I read a book of poetry criticism that (a) showed me new ways of writing about poetry; and (b) made me want to log on to Amazon straight away and buy things I'd never heard of.
David Kennedy, Stride Magazine

An exciting introduction to new directions in poetry.
David Kennedy, Times Higher Education

This is a unique book brimming with some wonderful, and indeed weird, critical minds; I’ve seen nothing else quite so current and enlivening on the subject of poetry available at the moment.
Charlotte Newman, Horizon Review

About the author

Tom Chivers (editor) was born in 1983 in South London. A writer, editor and promoter of poetry, his publications include The Terrors (Nine Arches Press, 2009) and How To Build A City (Salt Publishing, 2009). A winner of the inaugural Crashaw Prize, he is Associate Editor of Tears in the Fence, was Poet in Residence at The Bishopsgate Institute, London, and has appeared on BBC Radio 3 and 4. Tom is Director of Penned in the Margins and Co-Director of London Word Festival.

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