Riot Acts – reviews of a night of riot response at Rich Mix

Blog | Published on December 3, 2011

Read reviews and view photos and video from Riot Acts at Rich Mix – our sold-out night of scratch performances in response to the August riots by Luke Wright & Zara Hayes, Greg McLaren, The Hurly Burly & Circus Kinetica, and Sophie Woolley.

Photographs by Nick Murray. View all at Flickr.

Reviews of our (totally sold out) scratch night at Richmix, Riot Acts, have appeared at Annexe and Exeunt Magazine.

Natasha Tripney of Exeunt says

The variety of viewpoints on the display and the ways in which the performers chose to engage with, not just the events of the summer but the underlying social issues, the under-hum of discontent and disconnect, made for a very thought-provoking evening. There was never a sense of uneasy appropriation or bandwagon-jumping; each piece, in its own way, attempted to bridge that ever-widening imaginative gap.

Riot Acts was designed to test out new ideas and works-in-progress, and we asked the audience for their feedback on all four works presented. Here is a selection of comments.

“Very good. Well constructed and well delivered too. Absorbing and in parts funny.”

“Wonderful – could watch it all again.”

“Really was blown away by the rhythm and poetry and energy.”

“Very exhilarating.”

“Love it! More please.”

Video by Maria Tzika.

Thanks to Oliver Carruthers at Rich Mix for his support of the project, and to theatre director Russell Bender who helped the artists develop their work.

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