Dark Secrets of the Universe by Steve Spence

Blog | Published on January 17, 2012

A poem from Steve Spence’s 2011 collection Limits of Control

A poem from Limits of Control by Devon-based experimental poet Steve Spence. Steve’s poems use collage to brilliant, and often humourous, effect.

Dark Secrets of the Universe

It was a well-planned and co-ordinated attack
but translation, like politics, remains the art of the
possible. When you are sure that the fish is ready
then you should draw it towards the shore. This
could turn out to be the biggest disaster for many
decades yet it’s a great day to be a particle physicist.
Did you know that the Parthenon was originally
a bank? This time it was my float that began to
quiver. When the onion begins to brown, add the
stained tomato pulp and leave to cool for five
minutes, stirring all the time. A spokesman for
the White House said it strongly condemned the
violence. Such fantasies repel us or leave us cold
yet a nameless scent was now curiously mixed
with another scarcely less offensive odour.

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