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Emergency Window

Ross Sutherland

"Packed with humour, heartbreak, innovation and odes to Street Fighter 2"

Colin Waters

Welcome to a science fiction reality of mirrors, windows and menacing simulacra – where nothing is as it seems.

In this ambitious and long-awaited second full collection, Ross Sutherland interrogates the language of authenticity, presenting the poet as an anxious, disorientated collaborator trapped in a world of hacked computers and digital avatars.

Emergency Window features new poems alongside excerpts from two recent sequences, including a hilarious and strangely prescient version of Little Red Riding Hood, a poem written using Google Streetview, sonnets inspired by the Street Fighter 2 video game, and a sequence of computer-generated translations of classic literature. Surreal, funny, intelligent and experimental, these poems chart a search for meaning in a disintegrating world.

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Please note: due to the recent change in tax regulations, we are currently unable to ship to EU countries.
80 pages
ISBN 9781908058027
Published 10 August 2012
Cover design: PITM &
Henry Simmonds


Lucid observations, smart conceits and insight into the contemporary world as a fragmented, self-constructed thing.
Holly Williams, The Independent

The images cohere and expand, making gloriously relevant new ones; the crows rising up in omen as ornate costumes burn is undercut by the pile of singed polyester flares and pink Mia Wallace wigs. Neither image can flatten the other, both floundering in the disconnect between feeling and circumstance.
Carmel Doohan, Exeunt Magazine

These poems have a particular beauty, liberated from any notion of original meaning which clears space for new, surprising significance. [... Sutherland's] engagement with the hyper- and sub-real is subtle and enjoyable.
Jessica Stacey, The Literateur

Playful, energetic and saturated in the environment (if not the values) of late-consumerist society
Steve Spence, Stride Magazine

Emergency Window incorporates thoughtful ‘collaborations’ that put existing texts through systems of translation and transformation. The results feel like pieces that have fought free of authorial control altogether and run amuck across the pages.
Jon Stone, Dr Fulminare

Packed with humour, heartbreak, innovation and odes to Street Fighter 2.
Colin Waters, Scottish Poetry Library

Amy Liptrot interviews Ross for Dazed Digital.

About the author

Ross Sutherland was born in Edinburgh in 1979. A former lecturer in electronic literature at Liverpool John Moore’s University, Ross works as a freelance journalist and tutor in creative writing. His first collection, Things To Do Before You Leave Town, was published in 2009, followed by the limited edition mini-book Twelve Nudes in 2010 and the e-book Hyakuretsu Kyaku in 2011. Ross is a member of live literature collective Aisle 16, and has toured solo and collaborative shows nationally and internationally.

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