The Penned Podcast: Poetry and Performance

Blog | Published on January 8, 2014

Listen to Hannah Silva, Siddhartha Bose & SJ Fowler in discussion

In the first Penned Podcast, we explore the connections between poetry and performance. In discussion with Penned in the Margins director Tom Chivers are poets/performers Hannah Silva, SJ Fowler and Siddhartha Bose.

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“I find myself organically filled with resentment for the audience, for their presence, judging me”

SJ (Steven) Fowler is the author of four poetry books and the collaborative collection Enemies. An explosive and challenging performer of his work, he has a background in martial arts. He is the force of nature behind 3:AM Magazine’s Maintenant series and the events series Camarade.

“on the page different readings can exist simultaneously in a way they can’t in performance”

Hannah Silva is a poet, playwright and theatre director. Her unique vocal style has attracted wide acclaim, and she has written and performed a number of successful stage shows including Opposition. Her debut poetry collection is Forms of Protest.

“in creative writing schools you are taught never to write about dreams … to me that is absurd”

Siddhartha Bose is a writer and academic whose work combines poetry and performance. His first book, Kalagora, shares the name of his debut solo show, which toured widely. His most recent collection is Digital Monsoon and he is currently working on a new show with Penned in the Margins, The Shroud.

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