Dagestan is a place we go to fight for money. A place where we are paid to be filmed, and perhaps be killed.


Dagestan is an thrilling new play by poet and martial artist SJ Fowler, set in the shadowy world of global security. Enter the minds of private military contractors to uncover a culture of violence, gallows humour and moral uncertainty.


Behind-the-scenes in development rehearsal


Interview with SJ Fowler

Cast and creative team

Robin Berry: Chamberlain
Steve North: Holden
Gareth Tempest: Glanton
Maya Wasowicz: Jessica

Writer: SJ Fowler
Producer: Tom Chivers/Penned in the Margins
Dramaturg: Russell Bender
Martial arts instructor: SJ Fowler
Sound designer: Edward Lewis

Scratch performance

16-17 October 2015 LONDON Rich Mix

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