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The Story of No

Emma Hammond

"Wild and unsettling but also cool and convincingly modern."

Hugo Williams
shortlisted for the ledbury forte poetry prize

In The Story of No Emma Hammond delivers an experimental lyric that is wild, weird and full of the errata of modern life.

Her poems reappropriate the language of brands, pornography and instant messaging, and argue for Carry On films and Wotsits as the true subjects of poetry. The shifts of register and voice alone range from the breathtaking to the disconcerting in this stunning and complex second collection.

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64 pages
ISBN 9781908058300
Published 9 September 2015
Cover design: Ben Anslow


Easily the literary event of 2015.
Jody Porter, The Morning Star

Poignant, inventive, funny and wise.
Becky Varley-Winter, Glasgow Review of Books

Emma Hammond's subversive second collection crackles with experimental energy, a glitch-popped open-line to modernity's infinite yammer of miscommunication.
PBS Bulletin

As well as being a rush through a hall-of-mirrors distortion of modern life and the unresolved arguments of feminism, The Story of No also contains tenderness... For all its experimentation this collection remains truthful, unexpectedly accessible and even beautiful - however often it dips its pen into a pitch-black inkwell.
David Bryant, Morning Star

Emma Hammond’s eye on contemporary society is acute, both a part and apart from the fray of the media it surveys... Hammond demands attention, she demands re-reading.
Thea Hawlin, Ambit Magazine

The Story of No is wilful, playful, often solemn in tone, and always direct. [They] feel alive and right now. [...] These poems feel like attempts to articulate complex experiences in an intensely contemporary way.
Chrissy Williams, Poetry London

About the author

Emma Hammond’ first collection, tunth-sk, was published in 2011 by Flipped Eye. In addition she has self-published two pamphlets, softly softly catchy monkey and Sleeveless Errand. She has performed at many events in London over the last ten years. Emma works as a freelance copywriter and has taught experimental poetry for the Poetry School. In her spare time she mentors children at the Ministry of Stories.

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