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The English Summer

Holly Hopkins

Out for Air

Olly Todd

Panic Response

John McCullough

Buried Garden

Chris McCabe

The Sun is Open

Gail McConnell

Heavy Time

Sonia Overall

Of Sea

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Notes on the Sonnets

Luke Kennard

The Actual

Inua Ellams

An Archive of Happiness

Elizabeth Reeder


Tim Cresswell

The Book of Naseeb

Khaled Nurul Hakim


Abi Palmer

The East Edge

Chris McCabe

After the Formalities

Anthony Anaxagorou

Darling, It’s Me

Alison Winch

Reckless Paper Birds

John McCullough


Rebecca Tamás

The Triumph of Cancer

Chris McCabe

The Perseverance

Raymond Antrobus

Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die

Amber Massie-Blomfield

An Ocean of Static

J.R. Carpenter

Frankie Vah

Luke Wright

The Old Weird Albion

Justin Hopper


Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

No Dogs, No Indians

Siddhartha Bose

The Toll

Luke Wright

The Lost Poets of the Magnificent Seven (Map)

Chris McCabe & Frances Ives


Charlotte Newman


Melissa Lee-Houghton

Cain (hardback)

Luke Kennard


John McCullough

Sunspots (paperback)

Simon Barraclough


Claire Trévien

Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis

Theodoros Chiotis (editor)

The Story of No

Emma Hammond

Everything Crash

Tim Wells

The Good Dark

Ryan Van Winkle


Chris McCabe

The Hard Word Box

Sarah Hesketh


Honor Gavin

Mount London: Ascents in the Vertical City

Tom Chivers & Martin Kratz (editors)

Beautiful Girls

Melissa Lee-Houghton

Digital Monsoon

Siddhartha Bose

Forms of Protest

Hannah Silva


SJ Fowler


Meghan Purvis

The Shipwrecked House

Claire Trévien

Human Form

Oliver Dixon

Mondeo Man

Luke Wright

Where Rockets Burn Through

Russell Jones (editor)

Emergency Window

Ross Sutherland

Adventures in Form

Tom Chivers (editor)

The Method

Rob Stanton

A Body Made of You

Melissa Lee-Houghton

Love / All That / & OK

Emily Critchley

Limits of Control

Steve Spence


Siddhartha Bose

Stress Fractures: Essays on Poetry

Tom Chivers (editor)

Weather A System

James Wilkes


Stephanie Leal

City State: New London Poetry

Tom Chivers (editor)

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