Bonjour Tetris

Simon Barraclough

"a thing of marvellous beauty"

Crystal Bennes

From retro computer games and Hollywood blockbusters to the West Indian cricketer Brian Lara - no field of contemporary culture is safe from Simon Barraclough's sophisticated and inclusive vision.

From retro computer games and Hollywood blockbusters to the West Indian cricketer Brian Lara – no field of contemporary culture is safe from Simon Barraclough’s sophisticated and inclusive vision.

Bonjour Tetris presents seventeen new poems originally commissioned for radio programmes, anthologies and the opening of a concert hall. Both serious and playful, quirky and formal, these poems prove there’s nothing ordinary about writing to order.

The first Penned in the Margins mini-book, Bonjour Tetris is published in a boxed, limited edition with an exclusive poem-postcard inside. Each copy is signed and numbered by the author.


“Is this the best title for anything, ever?”

“Videogames, TV, film, radio and other media monsters are caught in his lens until fun shares the screen with intelligence, beauty, and a mischievous wit.”
Mark Burnhope, Sabotage

“Aside from the fact that this may be the best ever name for a published volume of poetry, the physical object is itself a thing of marvellous beauty. […] The thought of toting an iPad with me to Saturday morning brunch to read the weekend FT makes me feel like a robot, not a chilled-out, eggs-florentine eating human being. Besides, when [publishers like] Penned in the Margins are taking care to produce such marvellous pamphlets and then packaging them so that you feel like you’re opening a birthday present instead of a slim volume of poetry, why would you prefer screen to stamped, limited edition, sand-coloured boxes.”
Crystal Bennes



Sate your retro gaming appetite with these.

[youtube: 300]

[youtube: 300]

Our price £7.50
RRP £7.50
Limited edition paperback
48 pages
ISBN 9780956546708
Published 1.6.2010
Cover design: Tom Chivers


About the author

Simon's debut collection, Los Alamos Mon Amour was published by Salt in 2008 and was a finalist for a Forward prize. Since then he has published Bonjour Tetris with Penned in the Margins and his second full collection from Salt, Neptune Blue, came out in 2011. In between publications, Simon enjoys developing live, multi-media events, the most recent being Psycho Poetica in 2010 and The Debris Field (with Isobel Dixon and Chris McCabe) in 2012. He has collaborated with the artist Carolina Melis on several short films and currently works as a tutor for The Poetry School.

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