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20% off selected titles Offer ends 30 January 2011 Kalagora by Siddhartha Bose Steak & Stations by Michael Egan Stress Fractures: Essays on Poetry Weather A System by James Wilkes City State: New London Poetry Generation Txt

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that we recently ran a series of London poems on the marvellous megablog Here they are in their entirety. From City State: New London Poetry: Shoreditch Serenade by Siddhartha Bose Spread and Division by Barnaby Tidman Hypoversion by Kirsten Irving The Horsey Mail by Heather Phillipson Plus – an […]

Our new production, Kalagora by Siddhartha Bose, premieres at London’s Richmix on October 21st and then tours (Booking). A hybrid of theatre, poetry, film and music, it’s set to be the live literature show of 2010! Tour dates: 21 October LONDON Richmix 23 October DURHAM Book Festival 6 November BERLIN Poetry Hearings 25 November SALISBURY Arts […]

October 2 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: BROADCAST Liverpool As part of Mercy-curated series of genre-crossing late-nighters, James Wilkes and Holly Pester (above) collaborate on a new performance of poetic texts exploring the radio voice, which hovers between the paranoia of panic broadcasts, secret codes and the end of the world, and the euphoria of communion across vast […]

We have now launched the Kalagora website.  This is the place to get all the important updates for Siddhartha Bose’s up-coming tour this autumn.  Having grown up in Mumbai and Kolkata, he has since lived in the US and in London.  The tour explores a story of love, chaos and addiction, a tale that evokes the colour […]

Penned in the Margins author Sarah Hesketh is reading from her debut collection Napoleon’s Travelling Bookshelf at Clerkenwell Tales on Tuesday 13 July, 7pm. Sarah is joined by Adam O’Riordan, whose own first collection In the Flesh was out this year. Entry is free. Sarah’s fabulously icy book is available to order direct from us for £7.99 – and copies will […]

Claire Crowther, writing for Poetry London, has penned a most complimentary review of Sarah Hesketh’s debut collection of poetry, Napoleon’s Travelling Bookshelf. I was often charmed, mostly because of her care for language, its sounds and patterns. To buy the current issue of Poetry London, click here.  Also, remember, you can still get your hands on a copy of Napoleon’s Travelling […]

George Ttoouli’s Static Exile has been highly recommended on Matt Merritt’s Polyolbion blog.  According to Merritt, Static Exile fizzes with energy, and it’s fun. I mean, laugh out loud, read-it-again-and-again fun. He also comments [Ttoouli’s] gaze is as unforgiving and occasionally dizzying as a midday Mediterranean sun. The full review can be read here, and if you haven’t already, now […]

Dead excited. Our first limited edition Penned in the Margins mini-book is here. Inside the stamped, numbered box you will find, wrapped in parcel paper, a perfect-bound copy of Bonjour Tetris – the fantastic new collection of commissioned poems by Simon Barraclough – along with a special poem-postcard. Each copy is numbered and signed by the author. […]

A fantastic review of Ross Sutherland’s debut book, Things To Do Before You Leave Town, has appeared on lit-blog Eyewear from the pen of Christopher Horton. Here is what he says: Sutherland is a veritable journeyman, compelled to move on, to seek comfort in the ephemeral. As such his poetry is frequently delivered in the […]

Here at Penned in the Margins we’re thrilled to announce that we will be publishing Simon Barraclough’s Bonjour Tetris next month. This is the first in our new series of hand-made, limited edition chapbooks. Simon, a Yorkshireman living in London, is one of our favourite poets; his debut Los Alamos Mon Amour startled with its style, wit and grace, […]

Another great review! This time, Jon Stone tackles Weather A System by James Wilkes. Read the full review here at Dr Fulminare’s Questionable Arts. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite. Wilkes keeps his ‘ethereal cannonade’ going right through to the end, gathering up the debris of weather reports and fashion shows alike and reassembling […]

Hesketh is determined to fuse word and thing into an integrated experience… Still in her twenties this is her first collection and is exactly what contemporary publishers appear to be looking for. A voice that is distinctive, smart and reaching for a mode of expression both disciplined and elliptical. A fantastic review of Sarah Hesketh’s […]

Good day. Ross Sutherland, author of the furiously ground-breaking, barricade-storming collection Things To Do Before You Leave Town, appears in today’s Independent (Life, p.7). It seems he has been teaching a journalist to perform poetry. All this in aid of promoting his new solo show The Three Stigmata of Pacman, currently on at The Old Red Lion […]

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