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Independent publisher Penned in the Margins has acquired an ‘inspirational’ creative non-fiction book by writer and arts professional Amber Massie-Blomfield.

The Sun is Open pieces through a boxed archive of public and private materials related to the life and death of Gail McConnell’s father, who was murdered by the IRA outside their Belfast home in 1984.

Elizabeth Reeder on her fascination with archives and the making of relationships.

A reimagining of Shakespeare, Notes on the Sonnets, to be published in April 2021, with Jonah scheduled for autumn 2022.

Abi Palmer tells Kate Wilkinson, our Marketing and Publicity Officer, that despite being a self-confessed over-sharer, she struggled to put into words her out-of-body, hallucinatory experiences when writing ‘Sanatorium’. The interview also covers multisensory writing, making a sticky mess, and what it was like for Abi to bring out her book during lockdown…

Independent literary publisher Penned in the Margins has acquired two non-fiction titles re-imagining pilgrimage and the urban pastoral.

Helen Goodwin’s photographic series Impermanent Edge is a personal meditation on landscape and loss, and is the latest commission for our Edgelandia project.

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett’s Swims and Meryl Pugh’s Natural Phenomena have been chosen by the judges as two of their 11 longlisted collections for the inaugural 2020 Prize.

Reckless Paper Birds, McCullough’s acclaimed third collection, has been awarded the 2020 Hawthornden Prize.

A theme that runs through the poems in Plastiglomerate (and my earlier collections) is travel. I travel a lot: to academic conferences and to give talks, to conduct research, to visit a widely dispersed family, and for its own sake. I have grown up believing in the positive values of journeys – the exposure to difference, the possibilities of newness.

Writer and academic Elizabeth-Jane Burnett follows up her acclaimed first collection, Swims, with a remarkable new book in praise of marine fauna.

Multi-talented writer, musician and filmmaker Richard Skelton will publish an extraordinary book-length poem with independent publisher Penned in the Margins in 2021.

Rebecca Tamás, author of WITCH, chooses songs that express the witch’s occult ability to change the parameters of reality.

Khaled Nurul Hakim speaks to Kate Wilkinson about angelic worlds, dead writers and how he followed Kevin Costner’s advice to complete The Book of Naseeb.

We are very, very pleased to have been shortlisted for the London region in the British Book Awards’ Small Press of the Year.

As the Labour Party – and the nation at large – wrestled with its soul, Luke Wright found parallels in his own life. Here he explains how he focused on ordinary people to dramatise recent politics across his trilogy of verse plays, the final of which is on tour now.

Independent publisher Penned in the Margins has acquired The Actual, a new poetry collection of ‘personal and political fury’ by Inua Ellams.

From fragmented memoir to the topographical fringe… Roisin Dunnett introduces a packed programme of books and productions for 2020.

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