Books about place

These books have a strong sense of place and unpack how it feels to inhabit different locations. Between two covers you will be transported across urban centres and marginal borderlands.

Buried Garden

Chris McCabe

An Archive of Happiness

Elizabeth Reeder


Tim Cresswell

The Book of Naseeb

Khaled Nurul Hakim

The East Edge

Chris McCabe

Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die

Amber Massie-Blomfield

An Ocean of Static

J.R. Carpenter

Natural Phenomena

Meryl Pugh

The Old Weird Albion

Justin Hopper


Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

The Toll

Luke Wright


John McCullough


Claire Trévien


Tim Cresswell

Mount London: Ascents in the Vertical City

Tom Chivers & Martin Kratz (editors)


Tim Cresswell


Meghan Purvis

Weather A System

James Wilkes

Man in Black

David Caddy

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